familyIn a world where mediocrity is the norm, excellence screams out all the more. But when you devote your life to giving all glory to God, whether eating or drinking, excellence is the standard. Born as one of eight children, John has performed and ministered since he was old enough to stand.  “My dad was a Worship Pastor and my family traveled around and ministered as the ‘Bolin Family Singers.’  Music is in my DNA,” says John.

Being a part of such a musical family opened doors for John to use his talents at a very young age.  “God called me to full time Music Ministry not too long after I became a follower of Christ. I’d traveled across the country leading worship and performing in many concerts.” When John was 15, he was offered an opportunity to manage a Christian radio station. That same year, John was awarded the East Texas Young Musician of the Year Award.
John went on to pursue a degree from California Baptist University.  “College was such a great time for me to continue developing my craft and expanding on the skill set God had given me.” John composed and arranged songs that were recorded by three of the four primary vocal groups at CBU while building a reputation as a premier vocalist with the University Choir and Orchestra as well as The Gary Bonner Singers.

During his junior year of college, John was pursued by Houston’s First Baptist Church to join the staff as Director of Worship, leading the Choir and Orchestra. “I’d been singing in church since before I could even talk and leading worship in the church since I was 13, and now I was overwhelmed that God had provided an opportunity to fulfill my calling before I was even done with school.” John continued to travel back and forth from California to Texas a couple times every month for the remainder of his collegiate career. John had a primary role to fill at Houston’s First Baptist, as they were known in the past for their strong music program, elaborate Christmas Pageants, and strong presence of Faith in the third largest city in America.  “I’m reminded of Acts 2, where the church began to expand.  They continued to devote themselves to teaching and fellowship and the Lord added to their number day by day. At Houston’s First, we focused on leading the church in authentic, Godly, effective and excellent worship and the Lord continued to add to our number, day by day.”

Under John’s leadership as the Minister of Worship & Arts, the Choir and Orchestra at Houston’s First exceeded 350 in number, a School of Fine Arts launched in 2012, all student and children’s worship programs returned, and as a whole, the First|Worship program is known as one of the largest Music Ministries across the country.  They host an annual Christmas program known as Celebration selling out over 20,000 tickets as well as minister to thousands on a weekly basis by radio and webcast. They’ve recorded multiple worship, Christmas, and instrumental projects and travel both domestically and internationally leading worship at revivals and teaching conferences.  graceBut John’s ministry and impact begins first and foremost in his personal relationship with The Lord and with His family.  John married Paige in July of 2011.  They have a two-year-old daughter and expect their first son in December 2014.  Paige explains, “From writing beautiful music to leading our family, John’s creativity and passion for excellence is centered on his love for The Lord Jesus Christ. It is a joy and honor to watch The Lord use him every single day.”

Having performed over 1200 concerts, sang on more than 20 records, and led congregations of people in worship on a weekly basis, John is undoubtedly gifted and committed to leading with excellence and recognizes that all hope and strength comes from The Lord. Concerning His latest solo album, John explains, “There is a misconception that those that put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ will then cease from any pain or struggle thereafter.  As children of God, we know this to be far from the truth. But as we walk this life of joy and sorrow, light and darkness, new and old, and life and death… for this we have Jesus…”